#20 Strength Of A Woman Pt. 2 w/ Camesha Jones

In part 1, we talked about how Mary J Blige turns her pain into our power, by giving us a real and relatable story in a language that we understand. Whether she's singing about heartbreak, love, trials or triumph, MJB bares her experiences to empower her fans to heal and hold their own. But Mary ain't the only strong woman giving her soul to help heal others. This week's guest is Camesha Jones, the founder of Sista Afya, a mental wellness community inspired by her own battle.

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#18 Lady Sings the Blues No More w/ Tiffany Gouche

When Mamie Smith became the first black singer to record a blues record in 1920, she kicked down an invisible door and talented black women rushed in behind her. The Blues was the sound at the center of the beginnings of a new world for black women, and their expression of freedom, joy and love. But the women of blues back then had no idea that their lives and careers would leave a legacy as large as it did. Join your host, Tribbz as she recounts the history of music in black america, and talks to R&B singer/songwriter Tiffany Gouche about her own musical history. 

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#17 [ob] Scenesters w/ Celine Neon

100 years ago, when "anti-obscenity" laws prohibited health professionals from advising their patients about birth control, a few women flipped off respectability and revolutionized family planning. Chicago-based pop duo, Celine Neon, joins us this week to share how they use their performance to provoke revolution.

What's In A Name? with Adele Supreme

As humans, if we know 1 thing, we know this - sex sells. But what if someone could sell you the idea of sex, but give you something much more? Join your host as she talks to LA native artist, Adele Supreme, about her latest touring work "The Pretty Nasty Imagination of Adele Supreme" and about how an era of national #blackjoy foreshadows it.

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The Healer & Hood Princess with Bella BAHHS

Host Tribble, travels from city--to-city meeting millenial women who are changing their communities and the world. In this episode, Tribble chats with Chicago's 'raptivist' Bella BAHHS about being a healer and hood Princess.

Lemonade with Ababa Kifle

By now, we’ve all heard Beyonce’s new album #Lemonade at least 436 times. (Personally I’m on 448 times repeated back to back ) And the myriad of think pieces, facebook statuses and public opinion that this project has spawned all give #QueenBey credit for making some good ass metaphorical lemonade.

But you know like I know, Beyonce is not an actual person, she is a robotic machine and/or alien from Mars and her life is not real. Ok, I’m sure she’s human but although I can relate to the emotions she revealed in her lyrics, if my partner cheats on me I can’t release a surprise album and break records in a fucking flash.

P is for Petty with Tess Raser

"Since the institution of the United States as we know it, organized resistance has been at the center of every major political and social change this country has seen. The Boston Tea Party, was the INFAMOUS deliberate action that sparked the American Revolution. The women’s suffrage movement of the early 20th century, the civil rights movement of the …entire existence of this country, let’s be real, and the gay rights movement have all seen political and social victories in some way due to the work of organizers and the visibility that protests give to the issue at hand.

Organizers, demonstrators and participants continue to pour their blood, sweat, tears and bail money into fighting for a cause. And in Chicago, one of those organizers is Tess Raser, a member of Assata’s Daughters and leader in the activist community."

#WTFDoPeopleBeTalmboutWednesdays Part 1

The internet has led us to the information age. You can literally go on your cellphone, type anything you want to know into Google, and get an answer. The only thing Google can’t answer for you, which I hate and I hope somebody at Google is working on this- you can’t ask Google to remember shit for you. There have been multiple times where I’ve asked Google to help me recount the details of some past experience or conversation. And every time I’m disappointed, but at the same time relieved. Anyway! You can find so much of EVERY thing on the internet! You can buy anything, you can talk to anyone, you can see people’s literal entire lives in real time on the internet. And the best thing, in my opinion, about the internet is that You can learn about anything you want to! For FREE! If you listened to episode 1 with Chicago’s Bella BAHHS, you heard me cite Wikipedia for some random facts about Chicago. And although Wikipedia is not always 100% accurate, it’s pretty damn close MOST of the time. And Wikipedia is a completely free, laymen friendly resource and yet…. Muhfuckas still don’t know shit. I’m not sure what this general disdain for reading amongst the community of humans is, but it’s really out of fucking hand. It leads to so many difficult moments in the lives of those non-readers, and the lives of their occasionally intelligent counterparts. And in my life personally, it has led me to something I like to call #WTFDoPeopleBeTalmboutWednesday!

I’ve used this hashtag a few times throughout the year on my facebook page to introduce a “rant”, if-you-will, about some dumb shit I saw on the internet. And this one…I’ve said it before…well typed it on facebook. But sometimes you just gotta literally get the words out to really RELEASE the fuckery from your life, amen??

Join your host, Tribble, as she fights to figure out WTF People are Talkin About this week on #PPowerRadio

Jesus Freq. with Sophie Beya

The entire history of America portrays Christianity as a harsh religion that shuns sinners and outsiders. A religion that speaks of giving its believers the ultimate gift in exchange for their choice of live, seems to have evolved to an elite group of pure and perfect followers. But this week's guest, tells us something completely different about Christianity. Join your host, Tribbz, on board a Royal Carribbean Cruise ship as she talks with Sophie Beya about her faith.

I'm (not) Every Woman with DJ KingMarie

What is a woman supposed to look like? ...Is probably the dumbest question ever asked. And this episode's guest tells us why. Your host Tribbz gets comfortable with Philipino-American, Chicago native, LA transplant, DJ KingMarie as she closes out Volume 1 of P Power Radio.


In February 2016 @Word2Nick (Party Noire & Black Girl Fly Mag) curated a mixtape, produced by Hip Hop genius, Afrobang. This song is featuring Devon Tracy on vocals, Your Host Tribbz (P Power Radio) and Ciera McKissick (AMFM MAg) spittin hot fiya, and hosted by DJ Rae Chardonnay (AKA #Partython. Party Noire). Don't hate on my rhyme skills. I got #bars

#Crown with Shani Crowe

Before it was adorned by Solange Knowles on Saturday Night Life, the "braided halo" was featured in Shani Crowe's immaculate exhibit 'Braids' featuring this and other crown-like hairstyles. Join Your Host, Tribbz as she talks with Chicago's Shani Crowe about her life, personal style, and her latest art exhibit 'Braids'