P Power radio is...

the diamond in the rough of this group of podcasts. The host, Ashley Tribble, is a one woman powerhouse who keeps the listener more than infotained in between guests. Her knowledge of history is vast and she manages to connect a history lesson with relevant modern day social justice issues in every show." - Elizabeth Aguirre, Ebony Magazine 2016



(ashley) Tribble is the host, producer and creator of P Power Radio. Tribble is a Chicago transplant where she currently works as a stand-up comedian and host for live events, including being the resident host and facilitator for Chit Chat , a monthly womyn's panel curated by The Cliché Collective. Tribble is currently a resident artist at woman owned and operated gallery, arts incubator and event space, AMFM, and works full time as a Content Operations Specialist at Stitcher.  @Tribbzthecool